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Oxlo joins Microsoft in Development of Data Model to Help Transform Automotive Industry

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA — July 15th, 2019 — Oxlo is a SaaS company supplying cloud-based services for the global automotive retail market, providing solutions to OEMs, Dealer System Providers, and Dealers. These cloud-based solutions enable collecting, sharing, and managing data to ensure data users and business partners obtain the maximum benefits of improved financial and operational performance.

Oxlo today announced its collaboration with Microsoft, and other industry leaders, to create the open-source data model, which is at the heart of the new Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerator for Automotive. This accelerator adds Oxlo’s industry-specific expertise to a common data model that can help speed time to market for ISVs seeking to develop new customer-centric approaches for marketing and sales processes within the automotive industry.

Oxlo also announced plans to make available the Oxlo GroupManager™, a new solution that leverages the Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator to provide powerful visualization dashboards for leveraging data and driving business analytics about Customers, vehicles, Deals, Services, Parts, and Accounting. GroupManager™ combines the power of the Oxlo IntegrateOnce™ solution, Microsoft’s Automotive Accelerator, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power BI to provide a centralized enterprise management solution for improving customer experience and operational efficiencies of dealer groups.

“The Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator provides a single normalized data model for storing common data from multiple rooftops or stores to enable GroupManager™ to provide powerful enterprise business management and business analytics for dealer groups. Now you can truly own the end-to-end customer experience. Oxlo correlates complex data from your dealer systems, ancillary services, aftermarket businesses, warranty services and other sources. It then creates uniform customer records that can be shared and tracked across your enterprise, enabling all departments to accurately recognize and serve individual customers. We believe this is the right way to go for Oxlo and our customers”, said Gene Brothers, President Oxlo.

As an integral contributor to the Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator initiative, Oxlo is helping to develop a common data model for the Automotive industry that can deliver value to the though standardizing the shape of automotive data and enabling interoperability. This will allow more collaboration and openness to drive processes forward. The accelerator offers benefits to partners, ISVs as well as customers, and reflects industry best-practices, insight and integration across existing vehicle retail networks, and incorporating emerging mobility businesses.

“Siloed data can hinder digital transformation and innovation in automotive organizations with varied legacy systems and lack of shared data languages, so it is great to see partners like Oxlo supporting and embracing the Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerator for Automotive,” said John Reed, Director Automotive Customer Experience Solutions, Microsoft. “With Oxlo’s IntegrateOnce, and GroupManager we have a great example of a partner solution that leverages our collaboration on the accelerator to enable organizations improve customer experiences in the automotive industry.”

About Oxlo

Oxlo is a seasoned player in the automotive retail industry, boasting decades of expertise and a track record of innovation, and is committed to creating solutions that push the boundaries of the global automotive marketplace. Our distinguished clientele comprises renowned automotive giants, prominent dealer groups, and leading dealer software providers worldwide.

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